What we offer


We produce whole items or its parts. They are elements made of wood, plastic, and glass by means of a milling cutter with digital control. a 3D model created by means of special software guarantees 500 micrometer accuracy.


Our 3D printer technology creates 3D objects of a number of shapes and a range of materials of various properties.

Hardware design

We design hardware for our clients and use our own experience as well as the best existing hardware tools and methods. We design hardware for control systems and accounting among others while also resorting to high quality products, novel technology, and highly qualifies employees.

Individualized approach in every project.


Our own server hardware guarantees a speedy and reliable access to web-sites any time. Moreover, we regularly make backup copies of user data to be stored on speically designated backup servers.


All the hardware may be found in own Data Center equipped with its own fiber channel.

Software design

We offer a set of services related to software development of any kind and according to your requirements and needs. Our experts are capable of implementing projects for any companies and area of activity. We make use of a variety of tools and programming technologies while always staying tuned for any ICT field innovations.